Social media – powerful role-plays

With the development of science and technology, most people have a smart phone, even not expect children and teens. Within the popularity of the social media bring us convenience, it brings the crisis to teenagers as well. In recent years, people’s dissatisfaction of their body is widespread. Moreover, the bulk of empirical evidence also shows that low self-esteem, body dissatisfaction is related to eating disorders, low life satisfaction and high correlation. Models’ body shape constantly present in the mass media and share on Facebook, Instagram and other social media affects the teenagers’ body satisfaction.According to the data from Katie Lepi’s post, there is over 95% of teens (12-17) use the Internet and 81% use social media. Most of the content that teenagers share is Selfies and of cause, girls use social networks more frequently than the boys, 14 years and older of adolescents using social networks more frequently than the adolescents 12 and 13 year olds. I feel definitely agree that social media influences teen as that age on body image. As my personal experience, I was pretty fat before 14 years old, and from that time, I started to care about my appearance and lose weight. At that time I had tried diet pill and was on a diet. I think what makes me do so is because during and after adolescence, teenagers especially girls are more care about her appearance and self-respect is stronger. People will be ideal for these thin images of internalization, named “body ideal internalization”. This idea is from Caroline Knorr’s article, She asked if social media give teens a negative body image. She believes that social media do influences teens but parents should play the important role to give teenagers a right concept. As my opinion, body image doesn’t just happen. It’s a complex phenomenon influenced by many factors, including parents, peers, and social contexts. But in this modern and technological society, Facebook and other social media play a powerful role in shaping teenagers’ body image and body satisfaction.

Written by Jinghan Wang


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